All of us at Lara’s Labyrinth are taking the current concerns over the Coronavirus very seriously.  We are hoping to be a temporary distraction from all of the worries we are certainly all feeling.  We want you to know we are taking maximum precautions to minimize the risk of community transmission.  We hope that you will help us achieve these goals together.  


All rooms will be private bookings. We will be waiving the charge to close rooms out. 

You will not play with anyone you don’t know.   

 For that reason we do request all bookings have a minimum of 3 players.

 Below are some other precautions we are taking : 


We will be increasing the time between games for a number of reasons.  By allowing less games throughout the day, we will have more time between games to clean rooms and props thoroughly.  The extended time between games will also allow groups to come in and go right into the rooms without having to wait in the lobby area for your room to be ready. Less interactions with other groups and constant cleaning throughout the day will help mitigate the transmission of all cold and flu viruses.
We will request that you wash your hands and use alcohol sanitizer before you enter the room.  We will have latex and vinyl gloves for guests to wear as well (not mandatory but available for guests)… Keep in mind that some of our puzzles will require you to be glove free,  These props and puzzles will be fully cleaned between games.  Wearing gloves will make you more aware if you touch your face or mouth.  If you do so, let us know and we will bring you new gloves.

We are no longer allowing BYOB at this time.

Birthday parties are also going to be discontinued at this time.  If you have a birthday on the schedule we will allow those to remain and completed.  Adult parties are also going to be discontinued until further notice.


We have asked our staff to stay home if they are feeling sick or have any cold/flu symptoms. We ask our guests to do the same. If you’ve had any of these symptoms in the last 14 days please call us to reschedule your game. 


PLEASE, leave all belongings in the car ( Jackets, purses, phones etc….) We will not longer be providing lockers at this time and we cannot allow you to bring belongings in the room with you. 

Thank you so much for your continued support !

We will get through this challenging time together. Please feel free to call in if you have any other questions.