Our Policies

Please read these policies carefully before booking! If you book a room, you agree to these policies. Any questions please Contact Us.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

You may modify, change, or cancel your booking up to 48 hours before your reservation with no penalty or fees, and receive a full refund (in the form of the original payment method).

If your cancelation is after 48 hours you can :

  1. move your booking to a different day/time
  2. cancel your booking and we will issue you a gift voucher/certificate to use at Lara’s Labyrinth

If a group cancels or moves their reservation within 48 hours, it’s difficult to get those vacated slots filled on such short notice, which means we lose out on that business. We appreciate you understanding our cancellation policy.


If you want to reserve a room but each person in your team wanted to pay separately you can choose the “HOLD ROOM” option while booking. This will only charge you $40 (which will go towards your final cost). You pay the rest when you get there. NOTE : If you do not show up for your reservation this fee is NON REFUNDABLE.