Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Lara's Labyrinth?

You and your team are locked in a room (sort of) and have 60 minutes to escape by finding all the clues and solving puzzles You help each other figure out how to get out. But, our rooms also have been designed for a very special interactive live-action game that uses the latest high tech to really enhance your experience. It’s kind of like being in a “live video or movie”. You interact with each Room’s physical space in as many different ways as possible to find what you need to escape. Our 5G technology is cutting edge and designed to make your escape feel as real as possible but always under your control. We spared no expense. We will also be one of the first Escape Rooms that will be introducing new games often. Rotating games and updating to the next generation technology allows Lara’s Labyrinth to be the innovative leader in bringing a different and fresh take in our industry.

Am I really locked in? / What if I get stuck?

You are never really “locked” in. You can exit at any time and our Labyrinth Masters are always on-duty and will help you exit the room if needed. They use live video and audio monitoring cameras to help you out for any reason. They have been known to provide some intriguing clues to get you back on track. Our goal is to make the experience as realistic as possible. In Real Egyptian Tombs, you won’t find any monitors hanging on walls with countdown timers handing out clues. You may have walkie-talkies to communicate with the Labyrinth Master and theme appropriate Count Down special effects that make you feel like you are a real part of the experience.

What if we don't finish the game?

Clues are there to help guide you. So don’t be afraid to ask for hints. A majority of our participants will navigate through at least 90% of the gameplay. And while some might feel the urge to not ask for hints, we encourage you to use them if time is getting short. We have so many amazing reveals and Easter eggs for you to enjoy, replaying the game to complete the final one or two puzzles you failed to complete is often unnecessary.  That being said, if you are a true blood escape room gamer and refuse to ask for help, we will allow you to replay the game at a heavily discounted rate. Just ask to be put on the replay list.

What if I have to cancel?

Our cancellation and refund policy can be found here.

What do I do with my phone or personal belongings?

Great question! We ask that all players securely store their phones and belongings in our free storage lockers. You can retrieve your items at the end of your booking. We find that not having your phones provides the best experience and keeps everyone’s attention on the game itself.

What are the age restrictions?

Guests under age 16 have to be accompanied by at least (1) adult ever age 18. Any guest under age 11 we require a Private Booking; we encourage you to Contact Us to discuss options before booking.

We will have games that may be more frightening to some, especially younger children. Some fear spiders, some fear snakes. Our Red Riding Hood game will be one of those games that may be more frightening for some people. When in doubt, please ask.   Children under 5 are always free! Please do not forget to include them when booking your rooms as we have a maximum number of people who can be in our space at any one time. Please keep an eye on your children, our games and puzzles can break.

Will the rooms be private booking or will we be playing with others?

If your party is large enough, you will have the option of booking a private room. Otherwise, singles and couples are grouped with other singles and couples to maximize the efficiency of the game. Could the games be played with 2 people? Yes, but the chances of completing the room in an hour is very low. We have no minimum requirement to book a private room. But do have a suggested minimum of 4 players per game

How do I pay?

We only accept credit/debit cards through our Web site. We can take payments at our location but we do not recommend coming in without a booked time. We can add last minute people to your group and they would be able to pay upon arrival.

Do you offer discounts? / Do you sell gift cards?

Yes and yes! Corporate and Student discounts are available. As well as weekday discounted rates. Even birthdays! Gift cards can be purchased on our Web site and are electronically delivered (or can be printed at home).

Are all your rooms handicap accessible?

Some of the larger rooms will be wheelchair accessible. Rooms that accommodate wheelchairs will have “handicap accessible” noted on their page.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Yes, waivers are on our Web site. All participants are not required to sign them, by signing the waiver at purchase, you are agreeing that all parties in your group have read and are bound to the waiver.

What time should I arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time.



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