Our Rooms

We offer four unique escape room experiences …

Cell Block 4

Some say receiving a life sentence for littering was excessive. Unfortunately, you & your team ran into the toughest judge in the county. Now you’re all doing hard time in Cell Block 4. Luckily the guards are busy elsewhere. Legend has it that the former residents found a way to escape. [Read More and Book Now] … Wheelchair Accessible  

Curse of Osiris

Our Egyptian Tomb will give 8 participants the chance to bring out the Dr. Jones that is buried deep in all of us. It’s a tomb! What fun would it be if we gave away any more than that! [Read More and Book Now] … Wheelchair Accessible

Red Riding Hood - Opening 2019

What is better than going to Grandma’s house?  Be a part of one of Fairy Tales most famous stories. Red Riding Hood. With a twist! Nothing about this story is ordinary. Time to find out what really happened. And you decide how it ends! Think you know your fairy tales? Think again!


To all of you who love that somewhat popular show on HBO or perhaps the boy with the scar. Wizardry, dragon eggs, and other mysteries await. [Read More and Book Now] … Wheelchair Accessible